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EnzyNAV AI is an innovative and pioneering tool developed by Aminoverse to navigate and discover the most suitable enzyme our customers’ needs. Utilizing advanced algorithms and scoring functions, we filter out the most promising enzyme candidates from datasets of more than 2 billion sequences and predict the most effective ones for the desired application.

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Nature’s treasure chest contains billions of unknown sequences with potential that still needs to be discovered.

Such metagenomic databases require sophisticated bioinformatic tools to weed out right from wrong and focus on the right enzyme family for the target reaction. By analyzing the evolutionary interdependecies between enzymes and mutational spectra in multiple sequences alignments, Aminoverse’s bioinformatics pipeline directly feeds into the Enzyme Discovery workflow as well as running Enzyme Development projects.

Use bioinformatics for discovery

Structural biology

Enzymes are three-dimensional catalysts and their suitability for a target reaction can not be inferred from the sequence alone.

The enzyme discovery process at Aminoverse therefore includes AI-augmented enzyme modeling to evaluate the compatibility between substrate, the enzyme backbone and potential inhibitors. In combination with EnzyNAV AI, each enzyme candidate is assigned a predicted solubility and activity score to select the final candidates for wet lab testing.

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Custom Enzyme Panel

An Enzyme Discovery project is only successful when the performance of the enzyme candidates has been proven in the lab.

We offer custom enzyme panel generation and worldwide shipment to give you rapid access to your target enzymes. Enzymes can be provided in frozen cell lysate or culture supernatant, as lyophilized powder or as cell cryo-stocks.

Lab testing can also be carried out at Aminoverse in the framework of our Enzyme Profiling service.

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AI is the solution
Aminoverse's AI platform is the answer to a decade-long struggle: Having engineered enzymes for years, it always bugged me how little knowledge was actually generated and how limited the enzyme's performance were. Unsurprisingly, many enzyme development projects landed in dead ends. We finally change that!
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