Enzyme Production

  • Custom enzyme production up to gram scale
  • 3 microbial hosts: E. coli, B. subtilis and P. pastoris
  • Enzyme yield optimization on genetic and process level

From µg to g

Aminoverse is your trusted partner for scaling up your production from microgram scale in microtiter plates over milligram scale in shake flasks to gram scale in a 15L bioreactor. For high enzyme demand up to kg scale, Aminoverse relies on its network of dedicated enzyme CDMOs.

We conduct one-time feasibility studies to assess enzyme production yield in various microbial hosts, or supply quality-controled enzyme on a regular basis. Our enzyme material is deliverd in frozen, liquid or lyophilized format. If needed, we assist in technology transfer and manufacturing support.
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Our microbial production platforms

We offer enzyme development and production in three different microbial hosts:

Escherichia coli is a well-characterized and versatile gram-negative bacterium that has been extensively used for recombinant protein expression. It is a fast-growing organism that can produce high yields of protein, making it an attractive host for enzyme production. However, E. coli has some limitations, such as the formation of inclusion bodies and the inability to perform post-translational modifications like glyocsylations.

The gram-positive bacterium Bacillus subtilis efficiently secretes enzymes to the cell culture supernatant, making it a highly useful platform to obtain semi-purified enzyme with minimal downstream processing. We typically recommend our non-sporulating strains with protease knock-outs when the target enzyme is naturally secreted by Bacillus species like proteases or other digestive enzymes.

The fungal host Pichia pastoris (Komagataella pastoris) is known for its ability to produce and secrete enzymes at high yields. As an eukyrotic organisms, it naturally performs post-translational modifications, such as di-sulfide bond formation and glycosylation. Such modifications can be essential to proper enzyme activity or even enhance its properties.

The choice of host depends on several factors, such as the desired enzyme, the level of protein expression required, and the downstream processing steps. We assist our customers in choosing the optimal production host for their specific enzyme and production needs and offer feasibility studies in every host.
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Customized up- and downstream

Optimizing the production yield of enzymes requires an efficient up- and downstream processes. We can help with both.

Starting with the end in mind, our molecular biology experts find the most suitable combination of promotor, signal peptide, purification and solubility tags, codon-usage and of course the microbial strain. In parallel, our cell culture specialists devise an optimized production protocol, taking into account medium composition, culture conditions, supply and feed-rate of nutrients, induction time and media supplements.

Based on our customer’s specificiations, we apply the necessary downstream processes including chromatograpic separation, filtration, dialysis and centrifugation. In-house quality control not only ensures the purity requirements are met but also conducts enzyme activity checks before material is shipped.
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AI is the solution
Aminoverse's AI platform is the answer to a decade-long struggle: Having engineered enzymes for years, it always bugged me how little knowledge was actually generated and how limited the enzyme's performance were. Unsurprisingly, many enzyme development projects landed in dead ends. We finally change that!
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