Enzyme Libraries

  • Holistic library with >95% correctness of any enzyme
  • Combinatorial libraries of any complexity
  • Delivered in Ready-2-Screen format

Every position – every amino acid

Holistic libraries unveil 100% of the sequence-to-function relationships of enzymes, one amino acid at a time.

In a holistic library, usually every amino acid position is mutated to all other 19 canonical amino acid species, essentially saturating each position with nature’s full diversity. Known occasionally as deep mutational scanning library (DMS), site evaluation library (SEL) or global site saturation mutagenesis library (GSSM), a holistic library enables to identify the true best mutations, unveils which mutations are well and less well tolerated and shows mutations that are lethal to an enzyme’s activity or integrity.

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Precise genetic engineering

Our molecular biology and genetics experts have devised a methodology allowing us generate fully customizable holistic libraries with the following features:

  • Mutations at any desired amino acid position
  • Any defined amino acid species and number, from 1 to 19, from same species to different in every position
  • Any enzyme length, no length restrictions
  • NGS verified >95% average correctness, i.e. < 5% of variants are incorrect or missing
  • Ready-2-Screen format: E. coli transformants delivered in 96well MTP, ready to be cultured in immediately screened. No work-up necessary
  • One well – one variant principle: each variant is located in a defined well in an MTP. You’ll know the effect of your mutation right after screening without the need for sequencing

    And most importantly:

  • We deliver libraries faster and cheaper compared to common gene synthesis providers

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    Find the jackpot!

    Recombination has one goal: To find the jackpot!

    Looking to find that one-in-a-million enzyme variant that combines all desired enzyme properties?
    We’ve got you covered.

    You are a fan of chimaera genesis and want to exchange secondary structure elements or swap entire domains in an enzyme of protein family to find the best working combination?

    Good news are waiting for you.

    Seeking to identify the most efficient expression cassette by combining promotors, signal peptides, linkers and other genetic elements to maximize production yields?
    Been there, done that.

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    Limitless (re-)combination

    With decade-long expertise in enzyme evolution and molecular biology, we specialize in the generation of recombinatorial enzyme libraries without limitations.
    The advantages of our Combinatorial Enzyme Library services are:

  • Recombine any number of mutations anywhere in the enzyme – no restrictions
  • Any amino acid species allowed per mutation site, from 1 to 19
  • Scar-free cloning, no restriction sites
  • Quality check by NGS
  • Ready-2-Screen format: E. coli transformants delivered in 96well MTP, ready to be cultured in immediately screened. No work-up necessary (other formats available upon request)
  • Also possible to combine and shuffle

    Whichever base pairs, codons or genetic elements you want to recombine, at Aminoverse possibilities are limitless.

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    Not just for industry!

    “Hats off” to academic research! We support enzyme related research where we can and offer our services not just exclusively to industry.

    You have an exciting enzyme project at hand and would like to benefit from our Enzyme Library (or other) services?

    You are building a consortium of academic and industrial institutions and feel that Aminoverse’s expertise would be an excellent fit?

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    Boost your enzyme R&D

    Benefit from our other services

    Our complementary services cover the entire innovation chain of enzyme development, starting from discovery over profiling up to the production of evolved enzyme variants.

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