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Enzyme Discovery

We help you discover freedom-to-operate enzymes with novel functionalities or enhanced performance. Our computational scientists combine state-of-the-art techniques bioinformatics, metagenomics, structural biology and computational chemistry including our proprietary EnzyNAV AI to find the most promising enzymes out of more than 2 billion possibilities.
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Enzyme Engineering

Create superior enzymes by utilizing the power of artificial intelligence. Our proprietary EnzyMAP AI identifies not just a few but all hotspots in your target enzyme and assess its evolvability. By using our proprietary EnzyREC AI we recombine the top performing mutations in unprecedented fashion to generate superior enzyme performance, or secure freedom-to-operate by evading existing patents. By working at the interface of molecular biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, computational chemistry and machine learning to identify, screen, design and make enzymes with the desired properties for your specific application.
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Enzyme Profiling

Interested in enzyme performance or kinetic characterization? We’ve got you covered. Benefit from our portfolio of >100 enzyme assays and our decades-long experience in developing assays for enzyme profiling, quality control and high through-put screening of enzyme libraries.
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Enzyme Production

Need enzyme samples for internal feasibility studies? We offer custom enzyme production from mg to g scale (and beyond with partners) tailored to your requirements, utilizing a variety of expression systems and fermentation techniques to deliver high-quality enzymes in the quantities and purity you need.
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Track Record

We had our hands on more than 30 enzyme classes!

  • Proteases
  • Lipases
  • Alcohol Dehydrogenases
  • Imine Reductases
  • Phytases
  • Peroxidases
  • Amylases
  • Esterases
  • Cellulases
  • P450 Monooxygenases
  • Polymerases
  • Methyltranferases
  • Transaminases

… and many more
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Any enzyme – Any industry

As a leading biotech CRO company, we leverage cutting-edge technologies to design and optimize enzymes for a wide range of industries.
This includes enzymes for pharma, healthcare, diagnostics, flavors and fragrance, nutrition and food, animal feed, pulp and paper, agrotech, laundry and homecare, biofuels and climate tech.

We understand our customers. Be it a freshly founded start-up seeking to validate its enzyme-based technology, or a large corporate innovating its pipeline and conquering new markets, we know how critical the involved enzyme is. Our projects are designed accordingly to mitigate risk, secure low-hanging fruits and allow easy monitoring of the progress and budget.

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