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    Find the right enzyme

    Nature has plenty of enzymes to offer. Choosing the right one is a challenge. We employ a variety of methods to support your enzyme discovery, including

    • Metagenome/Data bases search
    • (Patent) Literature analysis
    • In silico feasibility study


    Test your enzyme candidates

    Identifying the right enzyme for the job depends on a multitude of factors. We test available enzyme candidates so that they meet the performance criteria for your biocatalytic process or your enzymatic product. We can aid in enzyme profiling with

    • 30+ inhouse enzyme assays
    • Assay development
    • GC/HPLC/LCMS analysis
    • Proof-of-concept studies
    • Kinetic profiling



    Design your ideal enzyme!

    By using cutting edge Directed Enzyme Evolution and In silico Design methods, enzymes can be engineered to meet any application requirements. We look back at a long track record in enzyme development and are able to provide you with


    • In silico Design + Directed Enzyme Evolution
    • Library Generation + High through-put screening
    • Process optimization


    Cherry picking is allowed!

    No enzyme development is like the other. Some R&D work can be covered internally by the client and only selected services may be needed.

    We claim to fit into every workflow. Save your budget by requesting only the services you need, from Library Generation over Assay Development to simply requesting samples of enzymes for in house testing. We offer:


    • Mutant gene library generation
    • Assay Development for in-house use
    • Enzyme sample production and purification for internal testing

    What you need is not listed?

    If it has to do with enzymes, we surely can help!