Enzyme Profiling

  • Obtain enzyme performance data under ideal or application conditions
  • Make use of our >100 assay collection or let us develop one
  • Identify the best enzyme for an evolution campagin

Assay Development

With more than 100 assays available for the typical enzyme classes, we are able to measure any enzyme property under tunable conditions. When your enzyme and application is not among them, you can request dedicated assay development for agar plate, microtiter plate and vial formats. A readout via colorimetric or fluorometric signals is most common, yet we do offer luminescence as well as analytical chemistry covering HPLC and GC as well.

A proper assay is the most crucial part to secure success for an enzyme evolution project. A screening through-put of >1000 enzyme variants per day is just one part, excellent signal-to-noise ratios, reliability, reproducibility and a sufficient dynamic range are needed as well to faciliate proper library screening. We strive for coefficient of variations below 10% in our assay protocols and always have an eye on the budget: being able to use crude cell lysates or supernatants saves both time and costs, as long as accuracy and specifcity do not suffer.

One of our strengths is the design of multi-paramter assays to ensure several properties of a given enzymes are measured. “You get what you screen for” are not just empty words but the fundamental guideline defining assay development strategies.
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Kinetic profiling

Kinetic profiling is an essential aspect of enzyme characterization that provides crucial information on enzyme activity, solubility, specificity, stability and possible inhibitory or denaturing effects caused by pH, temperature, organic solvents, proteases or substrate analoga.

Do you want to make sure you selected the top enzyme from your discovery study or at the end of an enzyme evolution project? Have us take a close look at the performance of your target enzymes and get an analysis report.
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Quality Control

Looking to obtain regulatory approval for a enzyme-based formulation? We offer enzyme quality control services following official guidelines and protocols to provide you with an analysis report as an independent laboratory.

We help our clients to assess shelf life and storage stability of their enzyme products. If desired, we can run comparative studies including samples of competitors to quantify the difference in performance and provide relevant data to the marketing and sales department.
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Boost your enzyme R&D

AI is the solution
Aminoverse's AI platform is the answer to a decade-long struggle: Having engineered enzymes for years, it always bugged me how little knowledge was actually generated and how limited the enzyme's performance were. Unsurprisingly, many enzyme development projects landed in dead ends. We finally change that!
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