Polyphosphate analysis – evolved

    The PHOSFINITY series offer the simplest and most innovative solutions for polyphosphate analysis.

    The PHOSFINITY Quant kit allows to rapidly quantifiy total polyphosphate contents in any sample. PHOSFINITY ChainQuant expands this solution by adding the ability to accurately determine the average polyphosphate chain length – the only commercially available solution worldwide.


    – Quantification of polyphosphate contents

    PHOSFINITY ChainQuant

    – Polyphosphate chain length measurement

    We are proud to have co-developed the PHOSFINITY series – new gold standard for polyphosphate analysis.

    We are convinced it will be of great help to the polyphosphate community and help analyzing chemically produced polyP and polyP extracted from biological samples, such as blood, soil, water, microorganisms, plants, and more.

    Prof. Dr. Lars M. Blank Dr. Jonas J. Christ
    Head of Institute of Applied Microbiology
    RWTH Aachen University, Germany
    former PostDoc, Institute of Applied Microbiology
    RWTH Aachen University, Germany


    Affordable polyphosphate analysis

    The PHOSFINITY series offers simple, affordable and accurate polyphoshate analysis for researchers worldwide.

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