Determine the chain length of polyphosphate

    PHOSFINITY ChainQuant: The world-first and only kit to determine the chain length and concentration of inorganic polyphosphate contents (polyP) in any sample.

    We are proud to have co-developed the new first-of-its-kind solution to determine polyphosphate chain lengths: PHOSFINITY ChainQuant.

    We are convinced it will be of great help to the phosphate community and help analyzing chemically produced polyP and polyP extracted from biological samples, such as blood, soil, water, microorganisms, plants, and more.

    Prof. Dr. Lars M. Blank Dr. Jonas J. Christ
    Head of Institute of Applied Microbiology
    RWTH Aachen University, Germany
    former PostDoc, Institute of Applied Microbiology
    RWTH Aachen University, Germany


    Any phosphate chain length

    PHOSFINITY ChainQuant combines the proven polyphosphate concentration measurements of the PHOSFINITY Quant kit with a new formulation that allows to determine the average total polyphosphate chain length irrespective of chain length.

    PHOSFINITY ChainQuant can thus be used to directly determine the polyphoshate chain length and simultaneously measure the polyphosphate concentration in a sample within minutes – especially useful for blood, soil, plant, microbial, and water samples.


      Made for researchers by researchers

      We have worked (and got frustrated) with many commercially available kits ourselves – that is why we made it better:

      • Determines average polyphosphate chain lengths
      • Quantifies polyphosphates of any chain length
      • Quantification range between 5 to 200 µM P as polymer
      • Little sample amounts required (e.g. 200 µL of 100 µM P as polymer)
      • Quick colorimetric endpoint detection in just 2 min
      • High specificity thanks to enzymatic detection
      • No interference by commonly encountered substrates like ATP, DNA, RNA, NaCl and others
      • Pre-made Excel sheet to calculate polyphosphate contents (free download)


      Enzyme innovation at work

      PHOSFINITY ChainQuant builds on top of the PHOSFINITY Quant series. It employs an innovate enzyme formulation to allow the accurate determination of the average polyphosphate chain length in samples.

      PHOSFINITY ChainQuant was developed in close cooperation with Prof. Dr. Lars M. Blank (Head of Institute of Applied Microbiology, RWTH Aachen) and Dr. Jonas J. Christ (former Post-Doc at Institute of Applied Microbiology, RWTH Aachen), two experts in polyphosphate analytics.


      Affordable polyphosphate chain length analysis

      PHOSFINITY ChainQuant is the only solution to reliable measure polyphoshate chain lengths in samples. The kit includes the reagents from the PHOSFINITY Quant kit and thus also allows to quantify polyphosphate contents.

      You regularly run polyphosphates analysis in samples? Please inquire for quantity discounts.

      Interested in just measuring polyphosphate contents without chain length determination?

      Then our PHOSFINITY Quant kit is the right solution.

      You can directly order PHOSFINITY ChainQuant here

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